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Green energy cooperatives lower the prices of electricity

The Green Energy Energy Cooperatives have lowered the electricity rates they provide to their customers as of January 1.

The price of its electricity tariffs is decided each summer by the Ordinary General Assembly of Som Energía. They do so based on the forecast made by their technical team according to the state of the electricity market and the forecasts of the futures market, but as long as the commercial margin remains between 2 and 6%. But the evolution of wholesale market prices has gone better than expected, so they have decided to go against what the rest of the companies in the sector do and lower prices. Thus, the price of kwh drops by 7% in the most common domestic tariff.

Illustration of EnergÉtica.

Last July, they had to raise prices above the usual because the costs of energy in the wholesale market placed them in a scenario of economic losses at the end of this year. But at this point, they have been able to adjust their prices better because they have been able to compensate for the extraordinary losses of the first half of 2017 and the forecast for next year has allowed them to do so.

In the term power – the “fixed” one of the invoice – these organizations do not have commercial margin and they apply the minimum that the effective legislation imposes. Only commercial margin is applied, at the end of energy the “variable” of the invoice – which is set at the annual meeting of members, so that it is as low as possible allowing the economic sustainability of the cooperative, only revisable if there are changes in the part regulated by the Government or if the margin is far from what the non-profit cooperative considers appropriate.

In this way, the fees for being green certification, do not have to be more expensive and incetivan saving and efficiency.

Both Son Energía and EnergÉtica are non-profit green energy consumption cooperatives , committed to driving a change in the current energy model to achieve a 100% renewable model. Its main activities are the commercialization and production of renewable energy.

They were constituted as non-profit consumer cooperatives to have energy in homes, shops or businesses 100% renewable, without relying on large electric or think about the profitability of their boards of directors, recovering energy sovereignty. And they have done it collectively.

These cooperatives sell energy from renewable sources to ensure the minimum possible environmental impact on the energy supply, they also worry about training in energy savings and providing energy efficiency services . In the long term, they claim to be able to produce enough renewable electric power to meet the needs of the partners.